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About Home Farm Gardens

The whole of our Team @ Home Farm, friends and family, are what make the Farm the amazing place that it is. 

We grow all of our produce using organic permaculture principles and our animals are raised with the same care and attention to their welfare.

We are a mixed farm with a Market Garden and Greenhouse, Sheep, Chickens and Pigs, also Donkeys and Ponies. All of our produce is grown organically and starts in the Market Garden in April with radishes and kale and ends in October with the last of our tomatoes and squash.

Home Farm is located on Beautiful Bowen Island on the site of a wonderful Heritage Farm, Endswell.

We have a "Farm Gate" stall @ the Farm, which is open 24/7 stocked with our Farm fresh Eggs, Seasonal Produce and a freezer full of our delicious Sausage made from our pork and lamb.

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