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Long Table Memphis Blues BBQ

Come and join us at our long table for a delectable BBQ dinner!


  • Amuse-bouche

    • smokehouse popcorn & dry rub spiced nuts

  • Bruschetta

    • ..several ways, and an amazing home farm salad

  • Memphis Blues Ribs

    • with potato salad, coleslaw, beans, cornbread with honey butter

  • Drinks

    • sparkling water

    • wine (red, white)

    • tea & coffee

    • soda

Meet the chef!

Park Heffelfinger is the founder of Vancouver's MEMPHIS BLUES BARBEQUE HOUSE restaurants.

Founded in 2001, he has been serving authentic southern barbeque to happy customers in 13 location in BC and Alberta.

The co-author of a best selling cookbook about barbeque, Park loves to share his passion for ribs brisket, pulled pork and barbequed chicken.

Slow cooked over apple wood logs, these meats are seasoned with a signature dry rub, cooked for many hours and then served tender and juicy.

This is messy food folks, so dig in!

Purchase tickets from our events page!

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