Mexican Feria del Pueblo with La Mezcaleria

with Chef Mariana Gabilondo

Come and join us at our long table for a fantastic Mexican fiesta!

On July 20th, Home Farm Gardens and La Mezcaleria will be coming together for our first longtable event.


In the spirit of bringing together the best the land has to offer at the height of summer, La Mezcaleria will be showing off how the Mexican tradition of small town “Ferias” are as true a Farm to Table Feast as any modern Long Table event could wish for.


A “Feria” is held yearly in hundreds of small towns across Mexico, and used to gather together long lost family, friends and stories. It’s a day used to tell stories, to sing together and to show off with food, no one is a stranger, and no one is left out, young and old are welcome and food is prepared to be enjoyed by all.

There will be live entertainment and a take-away gift for everyone.



  • Soup & Teasers

    • roasted duck broth with garden vegetables and fresh radish

    • pulled pickled duck salad tostadas

    • onion and dandelion stuffed corn masa cakes

  • Salads & Amuse Bouche

    • tomato, cucumber and pepper pico de gallo

    • fresh mixed leaf tombe salad with roasted green beans and sweet peas

    • ash roasted vegetables

  • Main Course

    • hay, rosemary and cedar blanket roasted lamb

    • banana leaf wrapped corn tamal, stuffed with chicken eggs, borage and dandelion

    • roasted tomato herb sauce

  • Desserts

    • cinnamon churros

    • meringue stuffed horns of plenty

    • fried wind bread with mint and borage syrup

  • Drinks (one specialty drink provided upon arrival)

    • cash bar

    • cash Tequila bar

    • sparking water

    • soda

Meet the chefs!

La Mezcaleria has been dedicating itself to bringing to our West Coast the most authentic Mexican food it can.


Drawing from a vast and seemingly endless pool of flavors and textures, Mexican food has evolved over centuries to become one of the most recognizable styles of food worldwide, and yet always has it been deeply attached to it’s family style of sharing and cooking together in order to delight in the company of friends and loved ones.


The Team at La Mezcaleria, Chef Mariana Gabilondo, Chef Jose Mujica and Chef Yessica Garcia, (and a few more of the Mezcal family) will be cooking and transforming all of the marvelous products that the Home Farm Gardens Family can provide.


In the true spirit of farm to table, the menu will be made from as much Homefarm product as we can get, and made right there on the farm as all true “Ferias” are done.


We invite you to come meet us, talk to us, share with us your love of the farm and Island, and we will feast you and fill you with our stories and food to remember us by.


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