Chef Jesee Mongeot Calero

Jesee Mongeot Calero was born and raised in sunny España, where Sunday afternoons were spent with family and friends, who gathered at the weekend home nestled amongst the olive and citrus groves for a grand paella cooked by his late father, Francisco.

As a young child in a fishing family, Jesee passed the time free-diving for oysters, lobsters, razor clams and other sea creatures of the Mediterranean. His grandmother taught him to collect his own sea salt by filling a cotton handkerchief and placing it into the concave surface of a large rock with sea water. Choosing a rock with maximum sun exposure sped up the evaporation process, leaving him with a glistening salty treasure upon their return at the end of the day. This fueled Jesee's love of experimenting with different salts.

What makes Jesee's paella stand out from the rest? Not only can you see the passion he feels when building and layering the flavours, ensuring that each morsel is cooked to perfection, but the taste says it all. Jesee's paella mixta has not only won first place in paella competitions, but has even won over his toughest, most important critic… su madre!